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360 Protection – Your Leading New York-based Security Systems Installation Firm

Surveillance systems are your company’s first line of defense against today’s leading threats. That’s why it’s imperative to choose a technically-equipped and experienced installation specialist. Allow NYC-based 360 Protection to build a high performance security infrastructure that protects your organization year-round. With over a decade of security systems installation experience to our name, we’re ready to respond to the most complex of installation requirements.

Here’s how we protect your business:

Surveillance& Security Camera Installation:

Fromoutdoor infrared security cameras that support proactive nighttime site surveillance to the latest covert cameras, the team here at 360 Protection offers a broad range of business security solutions. Each of our solutions is built to meet the requirements of the today’s commercial leaders.

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Data Wiring:

Experts at network customization, our data wiring specialists build high performance business management solutions utilizing the latest cabling equipment and installation techniques. We’ll keep you up-to-speed with all the latest IT developments.

Audio/Video Solutions:

Combining technology such as LCDs, LEDs, projector screens and the latest audio equipment, 360 Protection builds next-generation audiovisual systems that enhance the corporate environment. We’ll help your business stay on schedule and under-budget with its high priority audio/visual requirements.

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