NYC Intercom System Installation & Repairs

NYC intercom system installation company, 360° has designed and installed intercoms for locations with one door and one user to multiple doors with hundreds of users. However complex your building may be, let 360° design the cost effective solution to meet all of your security needs. Intercom Systems have been used in residential buildings for the past sixty years. These systems are a necessity for any building, warehouse, office or retail store that requires the security of knowing who is entering their premises. A standard intercom system allows for voice communication between two points (i.e. front door to tenant), as well as allowing entry to the premises with the click of a button.

Today, most standard intercom systems are integrated with cameras to allow visual confirmation that the person ringing the bell is actually the person you want to let in.Moreover, camera integration gives the ability to pre-screen unwanted solicitors and uninvited guests These cameras have the ability to record to a digital video security system (DVR) or connect to a key access system that will create a detailed log of all entries into the premises (see Access Systems for more information). Intercom Systems provide a safe and secure environment for tenant and visitors, as well as protecting landlord's assets from vandalism, theft and unlawful acts. Call New York City intercom system repair and installers, 360 Protection today for a consultation.



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